Software Licenses Expiration in Less Than 30 Days

List Software Licenses Which Will Expire Within the Coming Month

Get your Software Licenses Expiration audit. It's a list off all software licenses which will be expiring in the coming month in one overview. When utilizing the license compliance in Lansweeper, software licenses can be given an expiration date in case of a license contract. Based on the date entered for the license expiration, Lansweeper will generate an overview providing a list of software licenses which will expire in the coming month.


Software Licenses Expiration in Less Than 30 Days Query

Select Top 1000000 tblLicenses.softwareName As License,
From tblLicenses
Where tblLicenses.LicenseContract = 1 And DateDiff(day, GetDate(),
  tblLicenses.LicenseExpiration) <= 30
Order By License

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