Office 365 Strong Password Disabled Audit

Discover All Users Without Required Strong Passwords

Find all users for which the strong password policy is disabled. Strong password policies are often implemented to prevent users from using simple or often unsafe passwords. The policy required users to choose a password with enough complexity for it to be considered safe. By using this audit, you can identify users who do not have this policy applied to them and might possibly be using an unsafe password. Once you have identified the users, you can take action and make sure that everyone is required to have a strong password.

Office 365 Strong Password Disabled Query

Select Top 1000000 'user.png' As Icon,
  tblO365Organization.DisplayName As Organization,
From tblO365User
  Inner Join tblO365Organization On tblO365User.OrganizationId =
  Left Outer Join tblADusers On tblADusers.UPN = tblO365User.UserPrincipalName
Where tblO365User.PasswordPolicies = 'DisableStrongPassword'
Order By tblO365User.DisplayName

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