IP Location Overview

Get an Overview of your IP locations and LsAgent Managed Devices

To ensure you have full coverage over your network, it is good practice to create IP Range locations for your assets. This lets you group your assets based on IP so you can more easily find them and manage them. Run our report to get an overview of IP locations from the devices within your IT environment.

The report below gives you a synopsis of all your assets, their IP location and also if they have LsAgent Installed. This way you can verify that all your assets are being consistently scanned.

IP Locations Query

Select Top 1000000 tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon,
tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypename As Type,
tblAssets.IPAddress As IP,
When tblAssets.AssetID = subquery1.AssetID Then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
End As [LsAgent Installed],
From tblAssets
Left Outer Join tsysIPLocations On tblAssets.IPNumeric >=
tsysIPLocations.StartIP And tblAssets.IPNumeric <= tsysIPLocations.EndIP
Inner Join tsysAssetTypes On tblAssets.Assettype = tsysAssetTypes.AssetType
Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
Left Outer Join tsysOS On tblAssets.OScode = tsysOS.OScode
Left Join (Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID,
From tblAssets
Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
Inner Join tsysAssetTypes On tsysAssetTypes.AssetType =
Inner Join tsysIPLocations On tsysIPLocations.LocationID =
Inner Join tblState On tblState.State = tblAssetCustom.State
Left Join tsysOS On tsysOS.OScode = tblAssets.OScode
Where tblAssets.LsAgentVersion Is Not Null And tblState.Statename =
Order By tblAssets.Domain,
tblAssets.AssetName) As subquery1 On subquery1.AssetID =
Where tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypename NOT IN ('Location','Monitor') And
tblAssetCustom.State = 1
Order By tblAssets.IPNumeric

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