Exchange Mailboxes

Find All Your Exchange Mailboxes with Details

Retrieve details such as their alias, recipient type, email address and which Exchange server they are on. When scanning an Exchange server, information about mailboxes, users, licenses, groups and active sync devices is all retrieved. This report shows basic information about mailboxes like alias, recipient type, email address.

Information such as which policies are applied, which quotas are in place, SCL settings, encryption settings, mailbox size and much more is also retrieved. This information can be easily added to this or a new custom report.

Exchange Mailboxes Query

Select Top 1000000 'globe-green.png' As Icon,
  tblExchangeMailbox.RecipientTypeDetails, As EmailAddress,
  tblExchangeServer.AssetId As ServerAssetId,
  tblExchangeServer.Name As ExchangeServer
From tblExchangeMailbox
  Left Outer Join (Select Min(tblExchangeMailboxAddress.Address) As email,
      From tblExchangeMailboxAddress
      Group By tblExchangeMailboxAddress.MailboxId) addresses On
    addresses.MailboxId = tblExchangeMailbox.MailboxId
  Inner Join tblExchangeServer On tblExchangeServer.ServerId =
Order By tblExchangeMailbox.DisplayName

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