BIOS Information

Find BIOS Information from All Computers

Discover all the BIOS information in your environment like manufacturer, serial number, version and more. Lansweeper will automatically pick up BIOS information from Windows laptops during a scan. Along with basic information, this report will also show the BIOS caption, manufacturer, serial number, version and more. Finding these details can often be a very tedious task and can take up a lot of valuable time. With this report, you can get a complete overview easily and quickly without the need of going to every machine individually.

BIOS Information Query

Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID,
  tsysOS.Image As icon,
  tblBIOS.SerialNumber As Serial,
  tblBIOS.SMBIOSMajorVersion As [V.Ma],
  tblBIOS.SMBIOSMinorVersion As [V.Mi],
From tblAssets
  Inner Join tblBIOS On tblAssets.AssetID = tblBIOS.AssetID
  Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
  Inner Join tsysOS On tblAssets.OScode = tsysOS.OScode
Where tblAssetCustom.State = 1
Order By tblAssets.AssetName

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