Average Time Until Ticket Set to Closed, by Month

Find the Average Time It Takes to Finish Tickets

Get an overview of the average time until a ticket has been closed per month. Keeping track of the performance of your agents is obviously important to keep service quality up to standard. The average time until an issue has been resolved plays a big part in user satisfaction. Manage how long issues take to resolve easily with this built-in report. This information is also valuable data to show during monthly reviews or reports to higher management.

Average Time Until Ticket Set to Closed, by Month Query

Select Top 1000000 DatePart(yyyy, htblticket.date) As Year,
  DatePart(mm, htblticket.date) As Month,
  Convert(Decimal(10,4),Avg(Cast(DateDiff(ss, htblticket.date,
  InitialResponseDate.FirstPublicReply) As decimal) / 86400)) As AverageDays
From htblticket
  Inner Join (Select Top 1000000 htblnotes.ticketid,
        Min(htblnotes.date) As FirstPublicReply
      From htblnotes
        Inner Join htblagents On htblagents.userid = htblnotes.userid
      Where htblnotes.notetype = 1
      Group By htblnotes.ticketid) As InitialResponseDate On
    InitialResponseDate.ticketid = htblticket.ticketid
Where htblticket.spam <> 'True'
Group By DatePart(yyyy, htblticket.date),
  DatePart(mm, htblticket.date)
Order By Year Desc,
  Month Desc

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