AirWatch Mobile Device Applications

List All Mobile Device Applications

Aside from Intune, Lansweeper also scans Airwatch to retrieve detailed hardware, software and user information from mobile devices. You can also find typical mobile device information including the subscription carrier, enrollment date, the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number, security patch level, operating system and more.

This overview report lists all applications scanned from your mobile devices via VMware AirWatch alongside detailed information like the application version, status, size, type and more. By clicking through to an application, you can easily get an overview of all devices this application is installed on.

AirWatch Mobile Device Applications Query

Select Top 1000000 'applications16.png' As Icon,
  tblAirWatchApplication.Name As [App Name],
  tblAirWatchApplication.Version As [App Version],
  tblAirWatchApplication.BuildVersion As [App Build Version],
  tblAirWatchApplication.Status As [App Status],
  tblAirWatchApplication.Size As [App Size],
  tblAirWatchApplication.ApplicationIdentifier As [App Identifier],
  tblAirWatchApplication.Type As [App Type],
  tblAirWatchApplication.IsManaged As [App Is Managed],
  Count(tblAirWatchApplication.AirWatchDeviceId) As Amount
From tblAirWatchApplication
Group By tblAirWatchApplication.Name,
Order By Amount Desc,
  [App Name],
  [App Version],
  [App Build Version],
  [App Status],
  [App Size],
  [App Identifier],
  [App Type],
  [App Is Managed]

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