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We want you to influence the next product releases of Lansweeper. Join our Beta Program, Early Adopter Program, or User Research Panel and help shape new features with your perspective and ideas.

An Opportunity for Select Customers

As we build new features, we need your valuable feedback to help keep our products at the high standard that you deserve.

To do this effectively, we have three ways that you can be involved. Our Beta Program, Early Adopters Program, or a User Research Panel.

Beta Program

Give feedback in the early stages of developing a feature. During the Beta Program, clients will test our MVP features before they are publicly available. 

Our Beta Program is the first round of testing our new features with our customers. The objective of the Beta Program is to refine the product and associated processes.​ Beta participants will work closely with our product team to provide ongoing feedback about the product. ​

Clients are expected to help us identify potential bugs and areas where we can improve at an MVP level.

Early Adopter Program

During our Early Adopter Program, participants will be among the first clients to adopt our latest features. They will actively test our latest technology and share their experiences.

When we get to Preview Mode, the feature has undergone Beta testing, and we have usually identified most of the kinks that come with the initial stages of product development. ​Participants of the Early Adopters Program will test the refined product (as most bugs and areas of improvement will have been addressed by this stage).​

Clients must help us identify potential stumbling blocks and share their success stories to shape the final launch plan​.

User Research Panel

Join our growing panel of passionate Lansweeper users, and we will contact you from time to time to ask you to share your opinions, thoughts, feedback, and experiences with us. Your involvement on our panel could include everything from filling out surveys to attending short 1-on-1 interviews with our product managers, user researchers, or other product experts.

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