Why You Should Dump Your IT Inventory Excel Spreadsheet


When tasked with keeping track of the network devices in an organization, many IT professionals instinctively open a fresh Excel sheet, punch in their assets, and build from there. Others will search for "IT inventory Excel template" or "Managing hardware in Excel" to give them a head start. Spreadsheets are familiar, easy to whip up and scalable... right? Hold on. System Administrators who swapped their spreadsheets for a dedicated IT Asset Management solution rarely look back. We've listed four reasons why.

Let Humans do what Humans do Best

  • Do you ever find yourself copying those Cisco switch OIDs manually?
  • Tired of tracking warranty statuses by digging up the Serial number from an old receipt?
  • Do you sometimes spend hours on an inventory task?
  • Is the official version of your network inventory doc named Asset_List v2_(copy)(copy)(3).xlsx?

If all this sounds familiar, you have been doing machine work. An automated network discovery solution can gather a wealth of knowledge in minutes, while you focus on actual work. Inventory won't take hours, and there's no chance of typo's when entering that OID or serial number.

More importantly, it keeps your data up-to-date, so you don't have to edit your records after every maintenance. With a database full of information that you hadn't even thought of tracking, you can bring up a report that suits your needs on the spot. No need to plan ahead for every possible challenge, and no lost time on entries you never even use.

People make mistakes, and their time is valuable. Your server can collect detailed information for you, without human errors. Focus on managing your IT, rather than your spreadsheets filled with inaccurate network info.


Up-to-date Asset Data at your Fingertips

Some information changes too rapidly to manage in spreadsheets. An ITAM solution allows you to stay up to date with what's going on at all times. Besides, it informs you when anything in particular requires your attention.

It allows you to manage the entire life cycle and history of an asset, along with a complete audit trail. Keep track of who borrowed which laptop, when they were online, and when the warranty expires. Spreadsheets equal limitations, and at best, help you to list your devices. With an automated solution, you own your network.

A Centralized ITAM System of Record

It's very hard to keep spreadsheets standardized. Everyone has their own ideas, tastes and methods for them. Even with shared workbooks, you can't be sure that the info stored in these documents is accessible to other staff and is maintained properly.

An ITAM solution lets different users access the information they need, in one central system. The database is always consistent, and users with different skill levels and permissions can access that data in the way that suits them.

One Spreadsheet to Rule Them All?

If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If your only tool is a spreadsheet, everything looks like a table. Why should the way you interact with your network be dictated by the format of a spreadsheet?

An IT Asset Management solution is built for the job and will serve you a custom view, depending on whether you need to find local admins, view the percentage of remaining disk space on a hard drive, or get an overview on a specific asset or user.

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