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Patch Tuesday Report

Easily Check if the IT Assets in your Network are Running
on the latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Report

1. Scan Your Network with Lansweeper

Get your IT Asset Management up and running as fast as possible with our agentless scanning methods and discover your network without having to install any software on your machines. Eliminate one of the biggest hurdles in IT asset management and save valuable time and resources. Once you’ve identified all IT assets, you’re ready to run our custom Patch Tuesday report.


2. Run the Latest Patch Tuesday Report

Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases a scheduled security fix, also known as ‘Patch Tuesday’.  Every month, we create a report which checks if the assets in your network are on the latest Windows Patch Tuesday update. It  gives you an easy and quick overview which assets are already on the latest Windows update, and which ones still need to be patched. 

Latest Patch Tuesday Updates

Are your assets running on the latest Windows patches? Get the 2019 March Patch Tuesday Report.

Get Started with Lansweeper

Get quick overview of which assets are already on the latest Windows update,
and which ones still need to be patched.

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Over 400 Built-in Network Reports Available

Choose from over 400 ready-made, out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports within minutes.

  • General Reports
  • Computer: Encryptable Volumes
  • Asset: Out of Warranty
  • Asset: Out of Warranty in 60 Days
  • Assets: Uptime Since Last Reboot
  • Assets: Asset to Asset Relations
  • Assets: Asset to User Relations
  • Disk: Servers Less than 1 GB Free
  • Computer: Not Seen in the Last 30 Days
  • Windows Reports
  • Windows Updates Information
  • Windows: Events Generated in Last 7 Days
  • Installed Windows Updates
  • Domain Computers and Their AD Groups
  • Windows: Installed Network Printers
  • Windows: USB Connected Devices
  • Windows Automatic Update Settings
  • Workstations Less than 5GB Free Disk Space
  • Software Reports
  • Installed Software by Computer
  • Windows: Installed Software by Computer
  • Apple Mac: Installed Software by Computer
  • Linux: Installed Software by Computer
  • OS: Operating System Overview
  • OS: End of Lifetime
  • Software: Changes in the Last 7 Days
  • Software: Unauthorized Software
  • Hardware Reports
  • Workstations Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  • Servers Less than 10% Free Disk Space
  • Device: Printer Almost Out of Toner
  • Memory: Less than 2GB RAM
  • Memory: Available Slots
  • Switch: Ports
  • VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  • VMware: Virtual Guest Machines
  • Hardware Reports
  • New Devices Found in the Last 24 Hours
  • New Computers Found in the Last 24 Hours
  • Computer: Unauthorized Administrators
  • Asset: Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T. Status not OK
  • All Workstations without Anti-virus Software
  • Workstation: Antivirus Disabled
  • Workstation: Antivirus Expired
  • All Servers without Anti-virus Software
  • User Reports
  • Active Directory: User has No E-mail Address
  • Active Directory: User has No Display Name
  • Active Directory: User has No Title Filled in
  • Users: AD Users and Their Managers
  • Users: AD Users and Their AD Groups
  • Users: AD Users Created in Last 7 Days
  • Users: AD User Attributes
  • Last Logon Detected During Scanning

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