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Instantly detect & recognize IT, OT & IoT devices.


Asset Radar

With Asset Radar, we're introducing a powerful credential-free scanning mechanism that drives complete coverage of your IT network.

MIB Browser

Our built-in MIB Browser is shipped with millions of precompiled, unique OIDs. Talking about unlimited data at your disposal.


Scan Even More AD Data

Find disabled AD computers and users and achieve complete visibility into the state of your AD.


Windows Cluster Scanning

Gather detailed Cluster information about your Windows Failover Clusters & Hyper-V logs.

Linux Performance Counters

Monitor resource usage of CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Bandwidth for Linux PCs and servers.

Chrome OS Device Scanning

Scan Chrome OS devices, like Chromebooks, and retrieve loads of device-specific information.

SCCM Integration

Cross-reference Lansweeper data with SCCM, expose inconsistencies and eliminate blind spots.

VMware Airwatch Integration

Scan detailed hardware info and application data from your mobile Airwatch devices.

In-App Notifications

Get notified on Vulnerability Alerts, Patch Tuesday Audit Reports, major product updates, and more.

Asset Relation Improvements

Establish relations for Local Users, AD User Groups, and OUs. Set end dates for a complete audit trail.

2019 Fall Release - In-Depth Webinar

In this Webinar you will learn more about​:​


Scan Windows performance counters for CPU, memory, disk and network metrics.

Gather detailed information about your AWS & Azure cloud environments.

Lansweeper now scans additional Exchange and SQL server info.

Scan detailed information like hardware and application data form your mobile Intune devices.

Gather detailed Office 365 user information from your Office 365 users and mailboxes.

Lansweeper now scans all types of Plug & Play devices and discovers your IT faster than ever.

2019 Spring Release - In-Depth Webinar

In this Webinar you will learn more about:



Stay in control of all of your hard-to-reach assets. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Specify what SNMP-related data you wish to retrieve through custom OIDs. 

Lansweeper now scans your network faster while using less CPU resources. 


Gather detailed pool, host and guest information from your Citrix server.

Scan detailed cluster, datacenter, host and guest information from your vCenter server.


Retrieve Exchange Server information through PowerShell-based scanning.

2018 Fall Release - In-Depth Webinar

In this Webinar you will learn more about:

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