Key Benefits

How Lansweeper Benefits Your Business

Increase Visibility

Know Your IT & Eliminate Blind Spots

Eliminate the blind spots from your environment and discover assets you didn’t even know about. Lansweeper’s IT Inventory Platform provides you the means to achieve complete visibility into your IT, centralized into one solution, helping you gain an in-depth understanding of:

"70% of organizations have a 30% discrepancy between planned inventory and actual inventory."


Boost Productivity

Automate Key Tasks

Lansweeper creates a substantial reduction in the measure of time IT teams would ordinarily spend on routine, yet key assignments, such as network discovery, inventory, software distribution, licensing and updates. This task automation is critical for organizations with restricted staff and IT spending plans. An automated IT Inventory Platform can help you to:

Improve Cybersecurity

You Can't Protect What You Don't Know You Have

Identify risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem. Your IT security can benefit from the information Lansweeper gathers in many ways:

"Up to 30% of an IT budget could be saved by effective IT Asset Management."


Cut Costs

You Can't Protect What You Don't Know You Have

Reveal needless expenses, support budgeting decisions and manage your IT cost-effectively.
Lansweeper enables you to cut down on several cost points:

Discover Your IT

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