“WMI service is disabled on this machine”

Lansweeper's agentless and agent based scanning methods pull Windows computer data from WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), a management framework built into Windows operating systems. WMI can be seen running as a service in Windows Services on your Windows computers. Its display name is Windows Management Instrumentation and its internal name Winmgmt. By default, the WMI service is configured to start automatically. It can be manually stopped or disabled however, in which case WMI data is no longer accessible.

If you perform an agentless scan of a Windows computer and the WMI service is disabled on the computer, Lansweeper will be unable to scan the machine and you'll see an error similar to the one below in the web console. Errors will also be shown in the testconnection tool that is included in your Lansweeper installation folder and that can be used to test connections to Windows computers.

Errors found while scanning: WMI service is disabled on this machine.
WMI service disabled

To resolve this scanning error, do the following:

  1. Locally on the Windows computer you are trying to scan, right-click the Windows Management Instrumentation service in Windows Services and select the Properties menu item.
    properties of the Windows Management Instrumentation service
  2. Set the service's startup type to Automatic in the resulting popup and hit OK.
    startup type of the Windows Management Instrumentation service
  3. Start the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
    starting the Windows Management Instrumentation service
  4. Rescan the Windows computer, e.g. by hitting the Rescan Asset button on the computer's Lansweeper webpage.

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