VMware server scanning requirements

Ideally, a VMware host is scanned through the server's Managed Object Browser (MOB). The MOB is enabled by default in older vSphere versions, but may need to be manually enabled in newer vSphere releases. Though other protocols enabled on the server, like SSH, may provide some server information as well, the Managed Object Browser will return the most detailed data. In order for Lansweeper to scan an ESX(i) server, you need to set up a user with read-only access to the server's Managed Object Browser.

If your Lansweeper installation is running on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, VMware scanning may fail due to a handshake failure. More info and instructions for resolving this issue can be found in this article in VMware's knowledge base.
In order for Lansweeper to link your VMware guest assets to their hosts, you also need to ensure that the VMware Tools are installed on the guest machines.


To set up a user with read-only access to your server's MOB, do the following:

  1. Make sure the MOB is enabled for your VMware host, as it may be disabled by default in newer vSphere versions. Instructions for enabling the MOB can be found in this article in VMware's knowledge base.
  2. Log into your VMware server's vSphere Client.
    VMware vSphere Client
  3. Select your VMware server on the left, right-click within the Local Users & Groups tab and select Add...
    VMware Local Users & Groups
  4. Submit your preferred username in the upper two input boxes of the resulting popup, your preferred password in the lower two input boxes and hit OK.
    VMware Add New User
  5. Right-click within the Permissions tab and select Add Permission...
    VMware Permissions
  6. In the resulting popup, select the read-only role and hit the Add... button.
    VMware read-only role
  7. Select the user you created earlier, hit Add and then OK twice.
    VMware read-only user
  8. Your account should now be ready for use. You can test it by opening a web browser, browsing to the URL below and submitting the username and password you created, which should grant you access to your VMware server's Managed Object Browser. You can then start scanning the VMware server by following the instructions in this knowledge base article.
    https://<IP address of your VMware server>/mob
    VMware Managed Object Browser login
    VMware Managed Object Browser

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