TTY Required error during Linux scanning

On some linux distributions it is not possible to use the sudo command without a terminal. Lansweeper needs the sudo command to scan information from the BIOS. To change this setting follow the steps below. Note: Be careful when editing system files, making wrong changes may make your system unstable.

Start a console and enter "sudo visudo" (without quotes), enter your password when prompted.

Use the arrow keys to scroll through the file and move the cursor to the start of the line "Defaults requiretty".

Press "i" to enter insert mode.

Type "#", the line should now read "#Defaults requiretty" (all lines starting with "#" are ignored by the system)

Press Escape to exit insert mode

type ":wq" and press enter to save and exit the editor.

To exit the editor without saving press Escape, then press Ctrl+Z

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