Silently updating remote scanning servers

There is a built-in Lansweeper deployment package you can use to silently update the Lansweeper Server service of remote scanning servers. This is useful if you have a lot of servers and don't want to manually update each machine.

To silently update remote scanning servers, do the following:

  1. Update one scanning server manually by following these instructions.
    Don't skip this step! You must manually update one scanning server, which will update your database, and then perform a silent update of any remaining servers. If you were to silently update all scanning servers at once, those servers would all try to update your database, which would lead to issues.
  2. Download the latest Lansweeper installer and place it in the package share you want to use, under Installers\Lansweeper. Make sure the file is called LansweeperSetup.exe. If the Installers or Lansweeper folder doesn't exist, create it. More info on package shares can be found in this knowledge base article.
    Lansweeper package share
  3. Browse to the following section of the web console: Deployment\Deployment packages
  4. Select the built-in package Update Lansweeper
  5. Hit the pencil shaped edit button next to step 4 of the package.
  6. Update the Value of the first condition to the Lansweeper version you want to update your remaining scanning servers to. In the example below, we're updating our scanning servers to version If you're not sure what the version number is of the scanning server you manually updated, have a look at the Configuration\Your Lansweeper License section of the console. It lists the version numbers of all Lansweeper servers.
    Update Lansweeper deployment package
  7. Update the Value of package step 5's first condition as well.
    Update Lansweeper deployment package
  8. Hit the Deploy Now button. You can tick Selection and then hit Select Assets to manually select the scanning servers you want to update. Alternatively, you can add this scanning server report to your Lansweeper installation, tick Report in the Deploy Now popup and select the server report from the dropdown to update machines within the report.
    silently update scanning servers
    Make sure you update all of your scanning servers, as running mismatched Lansweeper releases can lead to unexpected scanning behavior. All of the version numbers listed in the Configuration\Your Lansweeper License section of the console should be the same.

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