Placing assets on a map

Your Lansweeper installation allows you to upload blueprints/maps of your offices and place assets on them, so your employees can easily locate equipment. When an asset is placed on a map, you can click on its asset name to view its Lansweeper webpage and scanned data.

For complex environments you can nest locations, placing locations within locations. You could create a location map for each office for instance and then add the individual offices to a larger office building map.


To place one or more assets on an office blueprint, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Assets\New Location
    New Location menu
  2. Enter a location name and, optionally, description into the available input boxes.
  3. To add your own blueprint/map to the asset location, hit the Change image button on the left. Hit the Browse... or Choose File button in the popup window to launch Windows Explorer, select your file and hit Open. Supported file formats are: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and .png. When you've selected your map, hit the Ok button.
    adding custom image to location map
  4. To place assets on the map of your choice, hit the Add assets to location button on the left. In the resulting popup window, tick the checkboxes in front of the assets you would like to add and hit the Ok button.
    adding assets to location map
    - You can perform a search on one or more columns to easily find specific assets. In the example above, we filtered the Domain column to only list assets within the lansweeper domain.
    - You could also tick the checkbox at the very top to select all assets in the current search results.
  5. Left-click and hold the name of an asset to drag the asset to a new position. To undo all of your position changes, hit the Set To Default Position button on the left. You can also show/hide asset names by hitting the Toggle Asset Names button.
    positioning assets on location map
  6. When you're happy with your location map, hit the Save location button on the left. You can make additional changes afterwards by hitting the Edit location button on the location page.
  7. Locations are automatically added to the Location section of the asset type overview, which you can see when hovering over the Assets link at the top of the web console. You can quickly access them from there.
    location maps in asset type overview
    Location maps are technically assets as well. When placing a Windows computer on a location map for instance, you are effectively creating an asset relation between the Windows computer asset and the location map asset. When creating reports on assets and their location maps, you need to report on this asset relationship. There are two built-in sample reports in the Reports tab of the web console that list location map data, called Assets: Assets and location maps they're on and Assets: Location maps and assets on them.

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