Performing actions on new tickets using ticket dispatching rules

When new tickets sent via email are imported into the help desk, ticket dispatching rules can be used to perform automated actions on the tickets depending on a set of conditions. This allows you to automatically change the team, status, type agent assigned and much more based on certain variables.

To create a ticket dispatching rule, hit the Add rule button in Configuration\E-mail Settings. In the resulting popup you can name, describe, add the conditions and actions that must be taken on the tickets if the conditions have been met.

ticket dispatching rule

Dispatching rule settings

Below is an overview of available dispatching rule options and settings. Each dispatching rule can be configured differently. You can create or remove conditions or actions by using the green plus or red x buttons.

ticket dispatching rule settings
  • Name and Description: You can name and describe the dispatching rule. The name and description will be displayed on the configuration page so you can easily identify the different dispatching rules.
  • Stop processing more rules: When enabled, Lansweeper will stop performing any subsequent dispatching rules if this dispatching rule performed an action. Dispatching rules are performed from top to bottom, you can change the order of the dispatching rules by using the green arrows.
  • Conditions: Conditions can be set for the subject, description, from e-mail (the email address the ticket was sent from) and to e-mail (the email address the ticket was sent to). All conditions can be used in combination with the equal, not equal, like and not like operators. The like and not like operators will check if the entered string is, or is not present in the condition item selected.
  • Actions: The actions performed on the ticket if all of the conditions are met by the ticket.
    - Add event: Adds an event to the calendar.
    - Assign to agent: Assigns the ticket to the agent selected.
    - Assign to team: Assigns the ticket to the team selected.
    - Set priority: Sets the ticket to the selected priority.
    - Set state: Sets the ticket to the selected state.
    - Set ticket type: Sets the ticket to the selected ticket type.
    - Set follow up: Adds a follow up flag to the ticket.
    - Set personal: Sets the ticket to personal. Replies sent by agents in a personal ticket will be sent to the user from their personal email address. The agent's configured personal signature will be visible in his emails as well.
    The agent's email address needs to be configured as an alias in your mail server and submitted as an alias in your help desk settings for personal responses to be sent using the agent's personal email. More information about configuring your help desk mailing can be found in this knowledge base article

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