Online status indicator

If you access an asset's Lansweeper webpage, you'll notice an online status indicator right below the asset name and next to the IP address. Ping statuses are also added when you hit the Ping Assets button in asset overviews. These online status indicators are based on a ping request performed from the server hosting your Lansweeper web console to the client asset. If the asset is a Windows computer, the NetBIOS name (e.g. REDBERRY) is pinged; if the asset is not a Windows computer, the IP address is pinged. The ping requests are performed "on demand" when you open the asset's Lansweeper webpage or hit the Ping Assets button in overviews. This data isn't stored in the Lansweeper database.

online status indicator on asset page
online status indicator in asset overview

The online status icon has 4 possible colors or values:

  • online status indicator gray Gray: indicates that the online status indicator is still loading and that the ping request hasn't been completed yet.
  • online status indicator green Green: indicates that a ping response was received from the client machine and that the machine is online.
  • online status indicator red Red: indicates that a ping response was not received from the client machine or that the machine is offline.
  • online status indicator orange Orange: indicates that the client machine is offline, but that a ping response was received from vPro features configured on the machine. (Lansweeper compares the TTL value set in the client machine's registry with the TTL value of the ping response to determine whether vPro is enabled.) vPro is a technology offered by Intel that allows for remote access to offline machines.
    Pings are performed *from* the server hosting the Lansweeper web console, not from the server hosting the scanning service. It is possible for a client machine to be successfully scanned but have a red status indicator, i.e. if your scanning service and web console are on different machines and the client machine is not pingable from the web server.
    Pings are performed *to* the client machine's NetBIOS name (in case of a Windows computer) or IP address (in case of a non-Windows asset). If the client machine is a Windows computer and its name cannot be resolved from the Lansweeper web server, this will result in a ping failure and red status indicator. For Windows computers, DNS resolution must be successful from the web server to get accurate status indicator results.

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