Marking users as authorized administrators

The Reports menu of the Lansweeper web console includes a built-in report called Computer: Unauthorized Administrators that lists unauthorized members of your computers' local administrator group. By default, all local and domain users that are in the local admin group on your computers are listed in this report, except for built-in local admins. You can then mark certain users as authorized to narrow down the report results further and find users who should not in fact be administrators on their computers.

Computer: Unauthorized Administrators report


To mark a user as an authorized administrator and hence remove him from the report results, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Configuration\User Pages
    User Pages menu
  2. Hit the Add allowed administrator button in the Allowed administrators section of the page.
  3. Submit the username of the user you want to authorize and the NetBIOS name of the domain or computer you want to authorize the user for and hit Ok.
    adding allowed administrators
    - You can authorize a domain user for an entire domain and a local user for a specific computer. Authorizing a domain user for a specific computer is not currently possible.
    - You can use % as a wildcard in the computer, domain or username. In the example above, localuser1 is authorized for any computer whose name starts with the word "LAN", localuser2 is authorized for any computer whose name ends in the word "LAN" and localuser3 is authorized for any computer whose name contains the word "LAN".

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