Managing dashboards in Cloud

Dashboards in your cloud site provide an overview of the key information in your asset environment, through the use of one or more widgets. Dashboards are located under the Boards menu of the cloud site. Here you can view configured dashboards, edit existing dashboards, or create new dashboards.

Viewing dashboards

Click one of the dashboards in the list to view it. There are two types of dashboards: private dashboards and public dashboards. Private dashboards, marked with a lock icon, are personal and cannot be viewed by other users. Public dashboards can be viewed by all the users that have access to it. Public dashboards you created are marked with a share icon, whereas public dashboards others created are marked with an eye-shaped icon. By hovering over these icons, you can determine which users the dashboard was shared with, or who the dashboard owner is.

Editing dashboards

When viewing a dashboard, hit the pencil icon in the top right corner to edit it. Use the icons in the top right corner to:

  • Add widgets to the dashboard
  • Delete the dashboard
  • Save the dashboard
  • Return to the dashboard overview without saving any changes

Creating new dashboards

Hit the Create new board button in the left-hand pane to create a new dashboard. Give the new dashboard a name and hit Create board to confirm. A new, empty dashboard is created for you to add widgets to.

Adding widgets

Widgets contain a specific set of scanned data. There are four categories of widgets: Asset Widgets, Basic Widgets, Report Widgets, Scanning Widgets. This is a list of currently available widgets:

    • Asset Widgets
      • Asset Overview
      • Manufacturer Overview
      • Windows Overview
    • Basic Widgets
      • iFrame
      • Numbers
      • RSS
    • Report Widgets
      • Chart Report
      • Data Report
      • Report Overview
    • Scanning Widgets
      • Scanning Status

Hit the plus icon in the top right corner to add widgets to a dashboard. Select a widget from the list by clicking it or type what you're looking for in the widget filter at the top and click it to add it to the dashboard.

Depending on the type of widget, different configuration windows may be shown. Select the desired configuration and confirm. The widget can now be dragged to the desired location on the grid and its size can be adjusted by clicking its bottom right corner.

Sharing a dashboard

When viewing a dashboard, hit the Share icon in the top right corner to share the dashboard with your team or other members on your site. Scroll through the list of users or use the filter at the top to search for a specific user. There's an option to automatically share the board with the accounts linked to your site.

The share menu will also appear after creating a new dashboard.

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