LinuxNoSudoRights error during Linux scanning

Lansweeper needs administrator rights to scan some information. To give a user permission to use sudo follow the steps below. Note: Be careful when editing system files, making wrong changes may make your system unstable.

Start a console and enter "sudo visudo" (without quotes), enter your password when prompted.

Use the arrow keys to scroll through the file, look for a line that looke like "username ALL=(ALL) ALL". These lines will give a user permission to use sudo. A line that looks like "%groupname ALL=(ALL) ALL" will give those permissions to all members of a group (note the "%" before the groupname) (it is common to use a group called "wheel" for this).

To edit the file press "i" to enter insert mode. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor and press Enter to insert a new line.

It is not recommended to remove existing lines from this file, instead add "#" to the start of a line to make the system ignore that line. This way no information can be deleted by mistake.

When you are done press Escape to exit insert mode, then type ":wq" and press Enter.

To exit the editor without saving press Escape, then press Ctrl+Z.

If you gave permission to a group you can view all members of that group by entering "grep username /etc/group" in the console, or enter "cat /etc/group | sort" to view all groups. For more information about this file enter "man group" in the console.

To create a new group enter "groupadd groupname" in the console.

To add a user to a group enter "usermod -g groupname username" in the console.

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