Configuring Opera to run actions

To configure Opera to run asset and user actions, follow the steps below. Note that the underlying commands of asset and user actions are Windows-based, so you must be using Opera on a Windows computer to run actions.

Step 1: configure Opera to allow for Chromium extensions

Opera is a Chromium-based web browser. Lansweeper has a Chromium extension that can be installed in browsers like Opera to allow for the execution of asset and user actions. However, you'll first need to configure Opera to allow for the installation of Chromium extensions.

Browse to this link in the Opera add-ons store and hit the Add to Opera button. This adds an extension to Opera that allows for the installation of Chrome extensions.

Step 2: install Lansweeper extension components

Download and run this Lansweeper Chromium extension installer and hit Next. The executable adds a Lansweeper folder with the Chromium extension components to your computer.

Lansweeper Chromium extension installer

Step 3: restart Opera and install extension

Restart Opera and browse to this Chrome Web Store link. Install the Lansweeper extension from there by hitting the Add to Opera button and then Add extension in the confirmation popup.

Type about:extensions in the Opera address bar and hit Enter. On this page, double-check that the Lansweeper extension is enabled. You are now ready to start using asset and user actions in Lansweeper.

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