Troubleshoot device scanning issues with Devicetester

The Lansweeper Devicetester is a powerful tool for troubleshooting scanning problems that affect non-Windows devices. When contacting support, please provide the full output of the Devicetester for the device that is causing problems. The Devicetester.exe tool is included in your Lansweeper installation. You can find it in the following folder on your Lansweeper server:

Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions


If you are experiencing RPC unavailable or access denied errors on a Windows machine, use the Lansweeper testconnection.exe tool instead.


Always run the program on the same machine as the Lansweeper Service. Otherwise, connection errors may go undetected.

Instead of an IP address a hostname or FQDN may be used, but some of the tests will only work if you use an IP address.

The Devicetester will run the following tests:

  • Ping
    If the ping fails, no other tests will be executed
    Will be skipped if 'Don't ping' is selected
  • Open ports
  • SNMP
    Only if an SNMP community is provided
  • MAC address
    Only if the host is in the same subnet
  • NetBIOS
  • FTP
    Only if port 21 is open
  • SMTP
    Only if port 25 is open
  • HTTP
    Only if port 80 is open
    Only if port 443 is open
  • VMware
    Only if VMware server is detected
  • SSH
    Only if port 22 is open and a username and password are provided

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