How to scan your OT

Lansweeper OT is a feature that is currently in preview mode. The OT installer can be downloaded in the Configuration\Installations menu of Lansweeper Cloud.

Operational technology (OT) is a category of hardware and software that monitors and controls physical devices. Industrial OT can be found on factory floors, e.g. in assembly lines and manufacturing plants. OT devices are becoming more and more network connected, allowing them to be scanned and analyzed.

Lansweeper OT is a new, standalone software designed to scan industrial OT. When installed and configured, it lets you retrieve data on your PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other industrial OT devices. Scanned properties include, among others: MAC address, manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware version and rack slot info. Data retrieved by Lansweeper OT enables you to monitor the accessibility and security of your devices, prevent firmware vulnerabilities, plan maintenance and more!

Supported protocols

Lansweeper OT currently supports the following OT protocols for scanning:

  • BACnet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Melsec
  • Modbus
  • OPC UA
  • Siemens S7-1200/1500
  • Siemens S7-300/400

How to scan your OT


Once you've set up your Lansweeper OT installation, you can start scanning your network. Use the OT Hub shortcut on your desktop to access the OT interface and hit Built-in Admin Login to log in. To create a basic scan target using a built-in protocol configuration and scan schedule, hit the Add New button in the Scan Targets menu. In the resulting popup, you are asked to select:

  • The sensor that should perform the scan. A default OT installation only has one sensor.
  • A name for your scan target. This is optional.
  • The IP address or range you want to scan.
  • The scan schedule. You can create custom schedules in the Schedules menu.
  • The protocol configuration (protocol and port) you want to scan. You can create custom protocol configurations in the Protocols menu.

Once you've submitted the above, your target will be scanned according to your chosen schedule. Alternatively, you can click the bullseye icon next to the target to perform an immediate scan.

If your OT installation can reach and pull data from the specified IP(s), assets will be generated and visible in the Assets menu. Click the eye icon next to an asset to view its details. In the case of a PLC, the entire PLC is considered one asset, with rack info being visible on the asset detail page.

Up to 10 assets can be viewed in your local OT installation. To view more assets, use the Link With Cloud Site option in your OT installation to link the installation with Lansweeper Cloud. In Cloud, you can see your entire scanned OT inventory.

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