SQL Server Information not scanned for SQL Server 2000

When Lansweeper scans a Windows computer, it automatically retrieves software information found in Add/Remove Programs (Programs & Features) on the client machine itself. As information listed in Add/Remove Programs for installations of Microsoft SQL Server is limited, Lansweeper retrieves additional SQL Server data from WMI. WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation, is a management framework built into Windows operating systems. Scanned SQL Server data includes SQL edition, version, service name, language, installed databases, database sizes and more. Details of SQL Server 2000 and more recent SQL Server versions can be scanned.

If SQL Server data is not listed in the Software\SQL Server Information tab of your Windows computers, the WMI provider storing the SQL Server information may be missing. For SQL Server 2000, the WMI provider is not installed by default and must be manually installed. To install the WMI provider storing SQL Server 2000 information, do the following:

  1. On the client machine whose SQL Server information isn't scanned, open the SQL Server 2000 installation media CD, DVD or ISO.
  2. Browse to the following folder in the source files:
  3. Run the following file contained within the folder, which will install the SQL Server WMI provider:
  4. Rescan the client machine by clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console, ticking the checkbox in front of the machine and hitting the Rescan button on the left.
    opening the Assets menu
    rescanning Windows computer for SQL Server 2000 data

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