How to scan mobile devices through Microsoft Intune

Intune scanning is a feature introduced in Lansweeper 7.1. If you are using an older Lansweeper release, you will need to update by following the instructions in this knowledge base article.
Intune is one of Microsoft's cloud-based services similar to other Azure services. It allows companies to manage mobile devices, PCs and applications. As of version 7.1 Lansweeper supports scanning of mobile Intune devices like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. For mobile devices that are registered in an Azure Active Directory application, hardware information, installed software, device details, network details and user information can be retrieved.
To scan an Intune device do the following:
  1. Make sure you meet the Intune scanning requirements.
  2. Submit your Intune scanning target by hitting the Add Scanning Target button in the Scanning\Scanning Targets section of the console and select the Intune scanning type.
    Scanning Credentials menu

    Enter a name for your scanning target, your Azure AD username, password and the application ID of the Azure Active Directory application under which the Intune devices are registered. At the bottom of the dialogue you can set the scanning schedule.

    When creating an Intune scanning target, scanning credentials will be automatically created. Alternatively you can also add your Intune credentials manually. In that case an Intune scanning target will be automatically created
  3. Wait for your scanning schedules to trigger or initiate an immediate scan by hitting the Scan now button next to the scan target under Scanning\Scanning Targets.
  4. Scanned Intune devices will be categorized as different asset types.

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