Renewing your subscription

Existing Lansweeper subscriptions cannot be renewed through our online store or through our reseller portal. If you did not cancel recurring billing, the billing contact (specified during your initial purchase) will receive an automated email 30 days prior to your subscription's expiration date. This automated email includes your renewal cost, renewal instructions and an optional subscription cancellation link. If you did previously cancel recurring billing for your subscription, you will not receive the automated renewal email. If you would still like to renew your subscription after you canceled recurring billing, please contact the Lansweeper sales team at our sales form.

Our system does not allow you to renew early, as this would cause overlap between your old and new license key. When your renewal is completed, a new license key is generated and a confirmation email is sent to the billing contact. The confirmation email contains both your receipt and instructions on how to obtain your new license key. The license period starts running from the moment your new key is generated.

If you purchased through a reseller, any billing related emails are only sent to your reseller, not to you directly. To verify the status of your renewal, please contact your reseller.
If you are unsure who your subscription's billing contact is or require further information regarding your renewal, please contact our e-commerce partner Cleverbridge at and provide your order reference number, which is listed in the Configuration\Your Lansweeper License section of the Lansweeper web console. Cleverbridge processes all Lansweeper orders and sends all billing related emails.

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