How to install Lansweeper OT

Lansweeper OT is a feature that is currently in preview mode. The OT installer can be downloaded in the Configuration\Installations menu of Lansweeper Cloud.

Lansweeper OT components

A Lansweeper OT installation consists of a hub, one or more sensors and an update service.

  • The hub service runs your OT interface, where you can change settings and view OT data. It is also responsible for receiving data from your sensors and writing it to an underlying SQLite database.
  • The sensor service is what actually scans your OT devices and sends the scanned data back to the hub. It can be installed on one or more machines.
  • The update service is responsible for keeping the hub and sensor(s) of your OT installation up to date. It is automatically installed on any machine where you install a hub and/or sensor.

How to install Lansweeper OT

To perform a Lansweeper OT installation, first download the OT installer from the Configuration\Installations menu in Lansweeper Cloud. Then, run the installer on a machine that meets the OT installation requirements.

The OT installation process is straightforward. Once you've passed the welcome screen and license agreement, you can select your preferred install directory. On the screens after that, you can select the hub and/or sensor for installation. For a basic setup, you can leave these screens set to their default values. That way, hub and sensor are installed on the same machine. You can always add another sensor at a later time if you want.

Once the OT installation is completed, click Finish to be taken to your Lansweeper OT hub.

Make sure the HTTPS and gRPC ports selected in the OT installer are free and not in use by other programs. The HTTPS port is used by the hub to display the OT interface, while the gRPC port is used for communication between hub and sensor(s).

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