Freeware and trial limitations

This article explains what the freeware and trial limitations are in the Lansweeper software.

Trial limitations

When you first install Lansweeper and submit your trial key in the web console, a 20-day trial period is initiated. This trial includes technical support and access to all scanning features.

  • If you submit a business email address, your trial is not limited in number of assets.
  • If you submit a non-business email address, your trial is limited to 100 assets. Information on which assets count toward the asset limit can be found in the knowledge base.
  • Data exports are blocked in all trial installations, regardless of whether a business or non-business email address was used for the trial.
You can request a trial key via this online form.

Freeware limitations

When your trial or purchased Lansweeper license expires, the Lansweeper software reverts to freeware mode. No data or settings are deleted, but several features become unavailable. The freeware version of Lansweeper has the following limitations:

  • Maximum of 100 assets
  • No access to technical support
  • No access to hotfixes
  • Inability to set up a new link with Cloud
  • Inability to export data, if and only if either of the following is true:
    • The 100 asset limit has been reached.
    • The installation has had more than one trial key applied to it.
    • The installation is using a key that was blocked for unauthorized use.

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