Excluding events from scanning

All Windows computer scanning methods scan events found in the Windows Logs section of a client machine's Event Viewer. Error events and any additional event types you may have enabled are scanned. It is possible to exclude individual events from scanning, however.

To exclude events from scanning, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Scanning\Scanning Targets
  2. Hit the Add Exclusion button in the Scanning Exclusions section of the page.
  3. Select the Windows Event option in the resulting popup window, select an event that was already scanned and hit Ok. New instances of the specified event will no longer be scanned or added to the database. Any previously scanned instances of the event will remain in the database until removed by your database cleanup options. Alternatively, you can manually submit an event source and event ID in the available input boxes. This approach can be used to exclude events that haven't been scanned yet.
    Some DCOM errors are excluded by default. If you scan without an agent, Lansweeper uses DCOM to establish the initial connection to your Windows computers. If your Lansweeper server tries to connect to a client machine that is offline or firewalled, an error is automatically logged by DCOM in the server's Event Viewer. These events are really just informational and can be ignored.

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