Event ID 5605 generated during scanning

When you've installed Lansweeper and start scanning your network, you may start seeing event ID 5605 entries in the Event Viewer of some of your client machines. These events are caused by a bug in Windows and can be ignored.

Lansweeper pulls Windows computer data from WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), a management framework built into Windows operating systems. Since version 5.1, Lansweeper scans the Win32_Tpm WMI class on your computers. This class stores Trusted Platform Module information and requires special access permissions. Lansweeper does use the correct authentication level to scan the WMI class, but a bug in some Windows versions causes event ID 5605 to be generated every time Win32_Tpm is accessed, even successfully. Event ID 5605 does not point to a failure to scan Win32_Tpm, nor does it point to an underlying issue with Lansweeper or your client machine. Lansweeper automatically excludes the event from scanning so it doesn't show up in your Lansweeper web console, but you may still see it in your Event Viewer.

Access to the root\cimv2\Security\MicrosoftTPM namespace was denied because the namespace is marked with RequiresEncryption but the script or application attempted to connect to this namespace with an authentication level below Pkt_Privacy. Change the authentication level to Pkt_Privacy and run the script or application again.
The root\cimv2\Security\MicrosoftTPM namespace is marked with the RequiresEncryption flag. Access to this namespace might be denied if the script or application does not have the appropriate authentication level. Change the authentication level to Pkt_Privacy and run the script or application again.
event ID 5605

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