How do I create a quote for my customer?

As an emerging partner, you can create a quote for your customer by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Lansweeper pricing page.
  2. Adjust the slider at the top of the page to the number of assets you want to create a quote for.
  3. Click the Add To Cart button in the Enterprise section of the page.
  4. Tick the box next to Check to enter partner coupon code
  5. Submit your partner coupon code and click Apply
  6. Optionally, click Add to Cart to add extra Lansweeper help desk agents to the quote. (One free agent is included in each license.)
  7. In the Licensee address section of the page, fill in the details of your customer: email, first name, last name, address and company name.
  8. Depending on the country you are in, a VAT box may appear. To avoid paying VAT, add your (and not the customer's) VAT number. If you and your customer are located in different countries, input your country in the licensee country field, as this is the field used for VAT calculation.
  9. Tick the box next to If your billing address differs from your licensee address
  10. In the new section that appears, fill in your own partner details: email, first name, last name, address and company name.
  11. Click the Request price quote button, Next on the resulting page and then Request price quote again to confirm.
Within a few minutes, you'll receive an official quote for your selected products via email, at the email address specified as billing contact. You can turn this quote into an actual order by using the Place Order link in the email.

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