Deleting tickets

To avoid gaps in the ticket history, by default no one apart from the built-in admin has the ability to delete tickets. You can however manually give users the right to permanently delete tickets from the help desk and Lansweeper database.

To delete help desk tickets, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Configuration\User Access & Roles
    User Access & Roles menu
  2. If you haven't already, hit the Make Agent button next to your user account in the Users section of the page to give the account a role, add it to one or more agent teams and assign an agent license. You are able to see tickets assigned to teams you're a member of and your role determines which actions you can perform on those tickets.
    making a user an agent
  3. Hit the pencil shaped edit button next to the role previously assigned to the user account, in the User Roles section of the same page, and add the Delete Tickets permission to the role. Alternatively, you can create a new role that includes the permission and assign that to the user account.
    adding the Delete Tickets permission to a role
    adding the Delete Tickets permission to a role
  4. Restart your web browser.
  5. Remove tickets from the help desk by selecting the Delete ticket(s) option in the Actions menu, either from within an individual ticket or a ticket filter. Within a ticket filter, tick the checkboxes in front of the tickets you want to delete and then open the Actions menu. You could also tick the checkbox at the very top of the ticket filter to select and then delete all tickets in the filter.
    deleting help desk tickets
    Deleting a ticket removes it from the Lansweeper web console and database. If the ticket was initially imported via email, the corresponding email is not removed from the mail server itself, however.

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