“DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer”

When you've installed Lansweeper and start scanning your network, you may start seeing entries like the one below in your Lansweeper server's Event Viewer. While your Event Viewer classifies these entries as errors, they are really just informational messages and can generally be ignored.

When Lansweeper scans a Windows computer, it uses DCOM to establish the initial connection to the client machine. If the client machine is offline or firewalled, DCOM automatically logs an error in your server's Event Viewer. This error indicates that Lansweeper was unable to scan the client machine, but does not point to an underlying issue with your server or Lansweeper installation. Regardless, there are some steps you can take to stop seeing these events. Lansweeper automatically excludes them from scanning so they don't show up in your Lansweeper web console, but you can also prevent them from being added to your Event Viewer altogether.

DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer <name or IP address of client machine> using any of the configured protocols.
DCOM event 10009

To prevent DCOM from logging these events in your Event Viewer, do the following:

  1. On the machine hosting the Lansweeper Server service, run regedit.exe, the Registry Editor.
  2. Set the ActivationFailureLoggingLevel value in the registry key below to 2. If the ActivationFailureLoggingLevel value does not exist, manually create it. Keep in mind that setting this value to 2 will prevent DCOM from logging any failures.
    creating ActivationFailureLoggingLevel registry value
    modifying ActivationFailureLoggingLevel registry value
    setting ActivationFailureLoggingLevel registry value
  3. Reboot the machine hosting the Lansweeper Server service.

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