Cloud requirement: Lansweeper version

When you start setting up a link with Cloud, some prerequisite checks are performed to ensure your installation is ready to link. When you hit the Link with Cloud site button in your local web console, a popup is presented with a pass/fail indication for a number of prerequisite checks. One of the checks is whether your sync server is on the minimum Lansweeper version required to connect with Cloud.

Why is the Lansweeper version checked?

Linking an old Lansweeper installation with your Cloud site can result in an incomplete or otherwise faulty sync. Cloud is regularly updated to include new features and fixes. If your local Lansweeper installation is not up-to-date, it may be incompatible with the latest implementation of Cloud. It is especially important that your sync server, the server responsible for the sync with Cloud, is up-to-date. All of your Lansweeper servers should be up-to-date to ensure a consistent scanning and syncing experience, however.

What do I do if the version check fails?

Update your web server and scan servers, including the sync server, to the latest Lansweeper version. You can basically run the latest Lansweeper installer on these servers and choose the Upgrade option. To be safe, performing a backup first is strongly recommended. More detailed update instructions are available in our knowledge base.

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