Cloud requirement: sync server internet access

When you start setting up a link with your Cloud site, some prerequisite checks are performed to ensure your installation is ready to link. When you hit the Link with Cloud site button in your local web console, a popup is presented with a pass/fail indication for a number of prerequisite checks. One of the checks is whether your sync server has internet access.

Why is sync server internet access checked?

Cloud is accessed over the internet. Your sync server, the machine selected to sync with your Cloud site, must therefore be able to reach the internet to successfully link. More specifically, your sync server must be able to make outbound connections to all of the URLs below and their sub-URLs.

    This URL is used to verify whether your installation meets the minimum version requirement for Cloud.
    This URL is used to authenticate and validate your access to Cloud.
    This is the URL of Cloud itself and is used to query Cloud for sites and installations.
    This URL is used to sync your data with Cloud.

What do I do if the sync server internet access check fails?

If the sync server internet access fails in the prerequisite popup, double-check that your sync server can make outbound connections to the aforementioned URLs and their sub-URLs. If it cannot, your network admin should check the settings of anti-virus software, proxy servers, software firewalls, hardware firewalls and other components in your network. One of these components may be blocking the sync server's internet access.


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