Cloud requirement: Lansweeper license

When you start setting up a link with Cloud, some prerequisite checks are performed to ensure your installation is ready to link. When you hit the Link with Cloud site button in your local web console, a popup is presented with a pass/fail indication for a number of prerequisite checks. One of the checks is whether your Lansweeper license is eligible for linking with Cloud.

Why is my Lansweeper license checked?

Not all Lansweeper licenses are eligible for linking with Cloud. Your license's eligibility to link with a Cloud site is evaluated based on a number of factors, including license type. Certain legacy licenses are not eligible for instance.

You are also not allowed to use the same license to link multiple Lansweeper installations with Cloud, or to use the same license for links with multiple sites.

What do I do if the license check fails?

If you are getting a licensing error because you already used the same license for another Cloud-linked Lansweeper installation, you can unlink the other installation from Cloud or delete the installation's Cloud site. Alternatively, if you actually require a second license for a second Cloud link, you can contact the Lansweeper sales team. The sales team will evaluate your licensing situation.

If you are getting a licensing error because your license is fully ineligible for Cloud, again contact the Lansweeper sales team to discuss your licensing situation.

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