IT Asset Data Platform requirements

The Lansweeper cloud platform is a feature that is currently in development. You can find more information on it and an early access signup form in the Enterprise menu of Lansweeper 7.1 (or higher) installations. Keep in mind that the information in this knowledge base article does not provide access to the cloud platform. It simply ensures that you know what the cloud platform requirements are once you are granted access.

This article lists the requirements for using the Lansweeper cloud platform. To ensure a good experience when using the platform, make sure the below requirements are met before connecting to the platform.

Lansweeper installation

In order to set up a connection to the cloud platform, first install or update Lansweeper using the latest available installer, if you haven't already. Installation instructions and update instructions are offered in our online knowledge base. Installation requirements for Lansweeper itself can also be found in the knowledge base. Note that attempting to link old Lansweeper versions to cloud may result in partial or complete sync failures.

Database server configuration

Once your Lansweeper installation has been set up, make sure its database is correctly configured for cloud. If your database is hosted in SQL LocalDB, it is automatically configured for cloud. If your database is hosted in SQL Server, you'll need to manually configure it. You can verify which database server you're using if you're unsure. Cloud configuration instructions for SQL Server can also be found in our online knowledge base.

Cloud configuration

Submit your cloud account's email address and password in the Configuration\Enterprise Options section of the web console to set up the actual sync to cloud. More detailed cloud sync instructions can be found in a separate knowledge base article.

Web browser

The Lansweeper cloud platform can be accessed using a web browser. Below is a list of supported browsers for cloud. Note that Internet Explorer is not currently supported. Other browsers not listed below may work, but have not been tested for possible layout and functionality issues.

  • Google Chrome, updated to the latest version
  • Microsoft Edge, updated to the latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox, updated to the latest version
  • Opera, updated to the latest version

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