Troubleshooting a failed initial push to Cloud

When you link your local Lansweeper installation with Cloud, a number of prerequisite checks are performed to ensure your installation is ready to link. Ordinarily, if the prerequisite checks are successful, the initial push of your Lansweeper installation to Cloud will succeed.

However, sync errors can still occur under certain conditions. For instance, if your Lansweeper server loses internet access after the completion of the prerequisite checks and the submission of your Cloud details, your initial push will fail. This article explains some steps you can take to resolve an initial push failure.

1. Make sure your installation is up to date

To ensure full compatibility with Cloud, make sure your Lansweeper installation is up to date. Update instructions can be found in the knowledge base.

2. Use retry button if available

If your initial push failed for a reason that could be resolved with a retry, the Lansweeper web console may offer you a Retry initial push now button. If available, this button is displayed in the Troubleshooting column of the Configuration\Link With Cloud Site menu.

If your internet connection was lost after submitting your Cloud link settings for instance, use the button to retry the sync. Of course, a retry in the aforementioned situation will only help if your internet access is restored in the meantime and if you meet the other Cloud requirements.

3. Unlink and relink

In some situations, a retry button may not be offered because the initial push failed in a way that cannot be resolved with a manual retry. If no retry button is offered in the Cloud menu or if the sync still fails after a retry, you can try removing the link and adding it again.

Click the Unlink from Cloud site button, go through the resulting popup and wait for the unlink to complete. Afterward, you can click the Link with Cloud site button to try the link again. You will once again see the popup that checks the Cloud prerequisites.

4. Check prerequisites

Pay close attention to any potential failures in the Cloud prerequisite popup. Review the details of the failure and resolve it by following the instructions in the prerequisite check's tooltip. Only when all of the prerequisite checks are green can you proceed with the Cloud link.

5. Check log files

If the initial push to Cloud continues to fail and the cause is unclear, the log files below may contain additional info on the failure. They can be found on your Lansweeper server. Note that sync_errorlog.txt and web_errorlog.txt will only exist if errors actually occurred in your Cloud sync or web console, respectively.

Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\errorlog.txt
Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\sync_errorlog.txt
Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\App_Data\web_errorlog.txt

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