Choosing the help desk language

From version 6.0 onward, the Lansweeper software includes a fully functional help desk. The help desk portion of Lansweeper can be displayed in each user's preferred language. English, Dutch, French and German are built-in language options, but you can optionally add your own translations to the help desk as well.

To configure which languages users can select and to optionally add your own translations, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Configuration\Translations
    Translations menu
  2. To enable a language for selection in the help desk, select it from the Languages dropdown and tick the Enabled checkbox. English, Dutch, French and German are built-in translations and enabled by default. You can enable additional languages however and submit your own translations.
  3. Choose a default language from the Default Language dropdown. The help desk will be displayed in this language for users that don't select a preferred language.
    choosing the default help desk language
  4. If you enabled a language that's not built-in, submit your own translations for the web console buttons and menus in the Translation column. Any translations you submit are added to the .cfg file of the corresponding language in the help desk folder below on your Lansweeper server. You can share your .cfg translation files with other Lansweeper users on our forum or import them into another Lansweeper installation.
    Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\lang
    submitting help desk translations
  5. If you enabled a language that's not built-in, optionally submit your own translations for customizable text in the help desk. Many customizable help desk options have blue A buttons that allow you to submit translations. In the resulting popups, select the language you want to translate to and then submit your translations. You can submit translations for items in the news widget for instance, in the Configuration\News Page section of the web console.
    submitting help desk translations
  6. When users log into the help desk for the first time, they'll be asked to choose their preferred language from the languages you enabled. They can also change their preferred language by clicking the gear icon next to their username in the top right corner of the web console. All buttons, menus and customizable text will be displayed in the users' preferred language.
    choosing your preferred help desk language
    choosing your preferred help desk language

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