Auto-update manual installation required

The auto-update feature was introduced in Lansweeper 8.3. If you are using an older Lansweeper release, you will need to update by following the instructions in this knowledge base article.

Introduced in Lansweeper 8.3, the auto-update feature allows your Lansweeper installation to automatically update itself to apply critical and non-critical patches. These patches are focused on the scanning service and their main goal is to add the ability to respond quickly to changes when needed. More information on the auto-update feature can be found in this knowledge base article. To ensure the integrity of your Lansweeper installation, a backup of all updated files is taken and an automatic revert can be performed in case anything goes wrong.

Manual installation required

As the auto-update feature focusses on delivering patches that make changes to scanning service files only, updates that contain web console file changes or extensive database changes are not offered as auto-updates. When an update needs to be installed manually its status will be displayed as Manual Installation Required in the Availability section of the Auto-update Scan Servers menu under Configuration\Server Options. In this situation a traditional manual update needs to be performed.

Automatic updates are currently intended to deliver smaller, scanning service-focused patches. As such, these will only be offered and available within the same version. For example you may be able to update automatically within version 8.4 from to, but a manual update will be required to install the more extensive update to version 9.0.

The auto-update feature will automatically update your installation until the point that an automatic update is required. For example when the latest version is, and you're on version, you will update automatically to version and then be alerted that a manual update is required to update to version 9.0.

In summary, you will need to perform a manual update if the next available update:

  • Includes major database changes or web console changes.
  • Includes a version increase, e.g. from 8.4 to 9.0 or from 9.0 to 9.1.

Using the auto-update feature will result in version differences for the scanning service(s) and web console. This is normal as the web console is not updated automatically, an update that contains web console changes will not be offered as an auto-update. If you notice a version difference between the web console and scanning service after an auto-update it is not necessary to update your web console.

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