Applying your Lansweeper license

When you purchase a Lansweeper or help desk agent license, an email receipt is sent to you with a license key included. Use the "click here to download your license" link in your receipt to retrieve your license key. This key must be applied to your installation to unlock Lansweeper's paid features or additional help desk agents. License keys can be applied through the First Run Wizard you see when opening Lansweeper for the first time. They can also be applied through Lansweeper's Configuration menu, as explained in this knowledge base article.

Your License key, as well as all billing-related information, was sent to your billing contact from upon purchasing. Please make sure to check your spam folder as well. If you still can't locate the license key, you can contact our sales team here.
 All Lansweeper licensing plans use the same installer. When upgrading from freeware or trial mode, there's no need to reinstall. You can simply apply your key to unlock your installation's paid features.


To register your Lansweeper installation or unlock your additional help desk agents, do the following:

  1. Use the "click here to download your license" link in your receipt to retrieve the license.txt file that contains your license key. Open the file and copy the entire string contained within. Your license key is a long, encrypted string that contains your order reference number, email address and other customer details.
  2. Hit the Add license button in the following section of the web console: Configuration\Your Lansweeper License
    Your Lansweeper License menu
  3. Paste the entire license string into the popup window and hit Ok.
    applying a Lansweeper or help desk agent license

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