Adding manufacturer support links

You'll notice that, on the Lansweeper webpages of Dell and HP assets whose asset serial was scanned, the serial number is clickable. The serial link takes you to the page on Dell or HP's website that lists that specific asset's warranty information, so you don't need to manually look up warranty details. These so-called manufacturer support links are customizable. You can add your own for additional vendors.

manufacturer support link
Manufacturer support links are only used to make asset serials on individual asset pages clickable and to link them to warranty pages on the vendors' websites. They are *not* used to automatically scan or add warranty information to Lansweeper. Lansweeper includes a warranty scanning feature as well, but it is a separate feature that uses its own URLs and APIs to retrieve data. The links used by warranty scanning to retrieve data are hard coded into the scanning service and cannot be customized.


To add your own manufacturer support link, do the following:

  1. Browse to the following section of the web console: Configuration\Asset Pages
    Asset Pages menu
  2. Hit the Add Manufacturer support link button in the Asset Manufacturer support links section of the page.
  3. Enter the name of the manufacturer the support link will be used for into the Vendor field of the popup window. The name you submit in the popup window should match the manufacturer that is listed on your asset pages.
  4. Enter the URL the asset serial should link to into the Support Link field of the popup window and hit the Ok button. You'll first need to research which page on the manufacturer's website can be used to view warranty information and then copy that link. Ideally, the manufacturer should allow for direct linking to a specific asset's warranty details by including the asset serial in the URL. If the manufacturer does allow for this, you can use the {assettag} parameter as a placeholder for the asset serial when submitting the URL in Lansweeper. On an individual asset page, the parameter will automatically be replaced with that specific asset's serial. {model} and {systemsku} are available parameters as well. They're placeholders for the asset model and system SKU, respectively.
    adding manufacturer support links
    adding manufacturer support links

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