Adding comments to assets

To add comments to an asset, do the following:

  1. Browse to the asset's Lansweeper webpage and hit the Add comment button in the Comments tab of the page.
  2. Enter a comment into the popup window and hit the Ok button. From Lansweeper 5.2 onward, there is a comment count in the Comments tab header. This allows you to quickly identify machines with comments, without actually opening the Comments tab.
    adding comments to assets
    Comments added to the Comments tab are stored in the tblAssetComments database table. You'll notice, when you hit Edit Asset on an asset page, that there's another Comments field at the bottom of the page. If filled in, this field is shown in the Summary tab of the asset's Lansweeper webpage. It is solely provided for backward compatibility with old Lansweeper releases and stores data in the Comments field of tblAssetCustom, not in tblAssetComments.
    You can prevent users from adding comments to the Comments tab. More info on restricting web console access can be found in this knowledge base article.

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