5 Ways Organizations can Reduce IT Costs through ITAM 2.0 

5 Ways Lansweeper Helps with IT Cost Reductions 

As organizations adopt new technologies and assets to support digital transformation initiatives, and as technology spending increases, ITAM  solutions can offer significant and measurable IT cost reduction and optimization. The ITAM 2.0 approach transcends traditional ITAM by delivering data through advanced IT discovery and inventory capabilities to reliably support not only every IT scenario but also every business scenario. Cost optimization across the entire organization is the goal. This holistic approach to ITAM makes it self-funding and offers substantial savings in the long run.  

To put this theory into practice, we have gathered 5 ways Lansweeper can help optimize strategies for IT cost reductions, each time illustrated by a real-life customer case. If you rather get straight down to business and know the potential ROI of an ITAM investment, give our ROI calculator a try. 

1. Eliminate Manual Processes 

Historically, the process of tracking IT assets has been mostly manual, involving extensive spreadsheets with outdated network information and mapping. Manual processes lead to inaccurate reporting on device-specific hardware and unmanaged software, which not only complicates spend management, but can be disastrous to an organization's productivity, compliance, and, ultimately, their bottom line. A dedicated ITAM 2.0 solution can eliminate costly manual processeswith automatic scanning, alerting, and reporting features to increase accuracy and productivity. 

Frank De Bree, Central Head of IT at Brothers of Charityestimated his IT staff spent half a workday, on average, entering asset information in proprietary tracking software manually. Lack of visibility and no unified IT asset inventory meant that the team had to do everything by hand - from inputting serial numbers, MAC addresses, device locations, and more. Read the full case study on how Lansweeper helped automate this. 

"We didn't have a system in place capable of performing an IT asset inventory, so the team did it all by hand. Doing so took up a huge chunk of our time." 

Frank De Bree, Central Head of IT, Brothers of Charity 

2. Strengthen Cyber Security

2021 saw the biggest year-over-year increase in data breaches. The global average data breach cost rose by 10% to a staggering $4.24 million. Lansweeper's credo for cyber security is: You can't protect what you can't see. Forgotten or missed assets may be running outdated software or even malware, creating security vulnerabilities that can lead to huge financial losses and compromised data. 

To combat this risk, Herman Miller implemented Lansweeper for cyber security, which increased visibility into its complex IT environment. The IT organization benefits from more than 100 custom Lansweeper reports that they use to keep the CIO informed at all times. Learn how they do it.  

"Lansweeper delivers detailed information about a security incident in minutes, providing incredible time savings and helping us to minimize or eliminate potential damage." 

Kristopher Russo, Information Security Analyst Architect, Herman Miller 

3. Streamline Reporting

Lansweeper's ability to easily access relevant data reduces reporting hassles and eliminates human error, as well. Time spent on compiling detailed reports for business units or regulatory bodies, and retrieving data for security investigations is drastically reduced, giving IT staff more time to spend on other mission-critical activities. 

Lansweeper has proved to be a very convenient source of information for the Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia, simplifying day-to-day tasks, such as accessing user login details or network topology information, through our easy-to-use reporting tools. Learn more about it here. 

 "Lansweeper only needed a modest investment, but still, the software allows the IT team to save a lot of time." 

Klaus Hillebrands, IT Manager, Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia

4. Be Prepared For Audits

To maximize ROI from enterprise software agreements, knowing exactly how many licenses you are using is essential for reporting - otherwise, you may end up paying for unused licenses. On the flipside, Lansweeper can also uncover if you're missing licenses and help mitigate the risk of incurring fines and predict the costs of becoming fully compliant. 

What's more, in the wake of Covid-19, software publishers will likely increase audit activities to make up for lost revenue, according to many industry analysts. Being prepared in advance by maintaining an up-to-date inventory will save time and money in the event of a surprise audit. 

Lansweeper helped this Fortune 500 automotive retailer improve reporting for Microsoft License audits and other license reporting requests. They installed Lansweeper and in no time saw all 26,000+ devices in their network. Read about it here. 

"In 2016, we were audited by Microsoft and were able to complete it in less than 2 days due to the Lansweeper database already having all the data they needed." 

Carl, IT Director, IT Infrastructure & Security 

5. Maximize Infrastructure Visibility

Tracking the lifecycle of IT assets provides CIOs and IT professionals with critical data for financial, inventory, contractual, and risk-management strategies. A solution that has ITAM as a core functionality can automatically and accurately update IT Inventories which, in turn, helps decision-makers understand workflows and determine which assets need to be purchased, redistributed, or discontinued. It also allows system administrators more time for high-level analysis and helps identify and reduce the impact of fraud, as ITAM tools keep track of each transaction and the networks, devices, and users involved. 

Cerner Corporation uses Lansweeper to gain insight into not only the number of assets in the environments they manage, but required patches, updates, fixes, and other necessary maintenance tasks, helping to better allocate staffing and control costs. Read the case study. 

"I knew Lansweeper would provide us with the data about installed systems and software, so we would be able to manage IT costs and ensure our clients are getting maximum value from their infrastructure." 

Phil Blankenstein, IT Manager, Cerner Corporation 

Calculate Your ITAM 2.0 ROI 

If approached holistically, ITAM offers insights and strategies for improving inefficiencies and productivity across the entire organization. Interested in learning what ROI an ITAM 2.0 solution like Lansweeper can deliver for your organization?

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