IT Asset Management for IT Leaders: Take Back Control

Connecting, centralizing and enabling your IT systems to collaborate across silos, locations, and departments is essential to bringing useful, actionable insights to your company's leaders. But 1 in 3 companies isn't aware of the devices, software and other IT assets they have, where they are located and who is using them. Are you operating under the illusion of control? Learn more in our free white paper.

No Centralized Data? No Informed Decision-Making

As an IT leader, you likely receive reports from different departments and stakeholders, each relying on its own data silo that is (more often than not) segregated from other data sources. You then use the insights in these reports to make high-level resource allocation decisions in a wide range of domains. The bigger your company is, the more delegation happens and the more fragmented the IT tool landscape.

The disadvantages of a top-down approach are clear - not only in terms of decision-making but also security, compliance and process and operational efficiency.

The solution is to flip the entire model on its head by embracing a bottom-up strategy that relies on a single, unified overview of your IT estate available at any moment to every stakeholder. Enter centralized IT Asset Management.

Business and IT Speak the Same Language

IT Asset Management refers to making optimal use of the technology assets your company has at its disposal by inventorying exactly what you have, its capabilities and its security, version, and configuration status at any given moment. It's a core practice that has to be performed constantly, vigilantly and proactively - which is why many businesses fall short.

From another angle, centralized IT asset management enables every stakeholder who needs insights into your company's IT landscape to speak the same language, relies on the same information and make decisions that align with corporate strategy. This absolutely impacts your company's bottom line.

Benefit from a Dedicated ITAM Solution

There is a range of tools available that can help you consolidate your understanding of your IT landscape. However, we've developed a 'digital clearing-house' solution specifically for IT Asset Management that relies on agentless scanning and offers a wide range of comprehensive report templates.

Effective centralized ITAM doesn't require huge investments and expensive contracts with faceless global vendors. Grab your free copy of our white paper to find out how your specific business case can benefit from our technology.


5 Reasons Why centralized IT Asset Discovery is more crucial than ever.

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