Integrate Lansweeper
with IAM Universal Inventory

Lansweeper as the System of Record for SAM

Microsoft Universal Inventory - LsExport

Harness the power of Lansweeper's advanced discovery algorithm.

Use Lansweeper as the system of record for Software Asset Management & Compliance with Universal Inventory. Lansweeper provides an exhaustive inventory of your entire network environment, ensuring a solid first step in simplifying SAM. Microsoft’s Intelligent Asset Manager will store that data in a secure and customer-controlled manner and enable the seamless creation of an Effective License Position.

Discover how you can export data from your Lansweeper database via our step-by-step guide.

New to Lansweeper?

Give it a try and discover devices you don't even know about.

Universal Inventory is compatible with Lansweeper version 6.0.100 or higher.

About Universal Inventory

With increasingly complex business environments, Software Asset Management has become a lot more complicated and comprehensive than ever before. And that's exactly where Microsoft Universal Inventory comes in.