Combining Lansweeper & UnifyCloud to Jumpstart
Your Cloud Migration Journey

The Fundamental Starting Point for your Cloud Migration Journey

Digital transformation through cloud technologies like Azure is top-of-mind for every business, regardless of industry, shape, and size. The first step in your cloud migration process? You can’t migrate what you don’t know you have. Building a complete IT Asset System of Record is a prime directive to kick off your cloud migration journey. UnifyCloud can help you take the next step - using Lansweeper data to determine which workloads can move seamlessly to the cloud and estimate the overall cost of running your VMs in the Cloud.

Combining Lansweeper & UnifyCloud

UnifyCloud and Lansweeper work together to provide a complete cloud migration solution. All the vital infrastructure discovered by Lansweeper links automatically to UnifyCloud's Cloud Migration tools, providing a thorough analysis and understanding of your IT environment and its readiness for cloud migration.

Deep Analytics & Insights in Minutes, Not Months

A manual assessment and analysis of a portfolio of apps and databases, including various migration strategies using container and serverless technologies, can take many months of work. UnifyCloud utilizes Lansweeper data to scan apps and databases in just minutes. We can deliver an app-level and portfolio rollup application migration assessment within weeks - not the months typically required in manual reviews

Automated vs Manual Cloud Migration Assessment ROI

A Thorough Analysis is What You Need

An Azure Economic Assessment by UnifyCloud can
provide you in-depth analyses and recommendations in key areas:

  • SQL Managed Instance
  • VM "Lift & Shift" Migration
  • SQL Database / App Service
  • Azure Network / Security
  • VM Right-Sized Migration
  • Cloud-Potential Apps
  • Azure Disaster Recovery / Backup
  • Azure TCO / ROI

Exclusive Offer for Lansweeper Users

UnifyCloud and Lansweeper have partnered to provide a full end-to-end discovery and cloud migration assessment. Lansweeper integrates directly into UnifyCloud which can provide the analysis you need to get you started on your cloud migration journey. Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer for UnifyCloud, designed to demystify cloud migration. Act now and we will provide a free cloud readiness assessment for up to 100 devices.

Start Your Cloud Migration Journey Today

Kick off your migration journey with a comprehensive cloud readiness assessment.