Lansweeper x ServiceNow CI Syncronizer

ServiceNow Integration

Seamlessly Integrate ServiceNow with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & ServiceNow

Synchronize Lansweeper Asset Data into the ServiceNow CMDB.

Create and maintain a rich set of CMDB Configuration Item classes and relationships. CI Synchronizer is a turnkey ServiceNow application that automatically synchronizes your IT assets from Lansweeper (on-premise edition) into your ServiceNow CMDB.

Key Integration Features

CI Synchronizer connects to an on-premises instance of Lansweeper via a ServiceNow Mid-Server. SQL Server queries are issued directly to the Lansweeper database to extract asset information and relationships between assets. Records are imported into ServiceNow using import sets and transform maps.


Lansweeper V8.0

CI Sync V1.0

  1. Lansweeper must be installed on an Application Server and using Microsoft SQL Server Express edition or higher
  2. ServiceNow Mid Server must be installed and have connectivity to your Lansweeper SQL Server installation
  3. The CI Synchronizer scoped application must be installed in the ServiceNow instance.


We can assist you along the way to get CI Synchronizer running in your organization.


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CI Synchronizer is currently a preview/free product. We are happy to support and guide your experience through the use of our maintained Knowledge Base ( and the Contact Support function.

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